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A Kiss At Midnight (2010)

A Kiss at Midnight (2010)

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0061626848 (ISBN13: 9780061626845)

About book A Kiss At Midnight (2010)

Seperti biasanya, James membuat percakapan yang, pada awalnya, membuatku sulit untuk mengerti sehingga aku sering berpikir, "mungkin seperti inilah cara berbicara orang Inggris, mengucapkan satu namun artinya lain lagi."Di bagian 'bertemu kembali' rasanya cepat sekali walau sudah 41 hari, tapi sudah bagus. Walau yah begitulah...Sayang di bagian epilog, James hanya seperti menceritakan saja apa yang terjadi pada yang lain, bukan benar-benar sebuah cerita. Mungkin itu karena pengaruhnya dengan cerita dongeng ditutup dengan menggambarkan keadaan tokoh lainnya. Hanya menggambarkannya saja. I loved it :DIt wasn't perfect, but Gabriel and Kate were everything I want in historical romance. I loved moments when they were together and when it was obvious how great she was to him. I loved how he flirted with her (especially in that secret garden) and how sweet they were. I loved that she wasn't the prettiest girl, her fake bosom, her wigs, dogs, sharp tongue... And his whole apperance and interest in her. Their moments made me smile and warm inside. I could list few things that bothered me...well, maybe one thing. I didn't care much about some descriptions or dialogues. It could have been shorter..but that wasn't anything big. And there were parts that I didn't fully understand. Maybe because they were in English, even though I have never had problems like that. And most of my books are in English. However, I really enjoyed reading this book and plan to continue with E.James's books.

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I wanted fluff - I got fluff. Mind you, the good, fun kind. Still, I prefer the second book.

Funny, with lovable characters and great dialogue.

Very cute story. I was very entertain.

2.5 escapism

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