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A Life Of Joy (2012)

A Life of Joy (2012)

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031031996X (ISBN13: 9780310319962)

About book A Life Of Joy (2012)

I have really enjoyed this series so far. Out of the four books that I have read A Life of Joy has to be my least favorite. Although I enjoyed the book I found the plot to be a little boring. Lindsey left Bird-in-hand, PA to go to Virginia Beach to take care of her hurt Aunt. While there she was faced with the choice of whether she wanted to be Amish for the rest of her life or she wanted to continue her old life. The plot seemed to drag on and the book ended abruptly. Overall I love the series and will continue to read book #5. Lindsay Bedford is 18 years old & is stuck in her life. She doesn't know if she wants to join the Amish or be English. Her Aunt Trisha is hurt in accident. So L:indsay goes to Virginia to help her Aunt trisha & Uncle Frank. Her unlce is busy with work & Lindsay is really needed while she heals. While she is living with them she connects with old friends only to find out she isn't like them. She eneded up going to her friend's party & what she saw made her realize she didn't belong there. She didn't drink or do inapproprate stuff!!! She gets her GED to satisfy her sister Jessica, but then she pressures again to go to college. Lindsay doesn't want to get higher education. She volunteers at a nursing home whjere she meets Mrs. Fisher. She is Amish & not in good health. Lindsay is saddened by the news that she passed away. While she is away from Bird-In the Hand Rebecca has pregancy complications. The Amish don't tell people outside the immediate family about the pregancy. But Rebecca's health puts her on bedrest for the rest of her pregancy. Kaite Rebecca's niece helps while Lindsay is away. Lindsay keeps in touch with family. When she is ready to come home she contacts Matthew Glick. Matthew does like Lindsay & is happy to hear when she takes classes to join the church in the fall. I love this series!!! I highly recommend this book as well as the whole series!!! I look forward to reading the last book in this series to find out what else happens!!!

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This one was really good. Some parts were sad and most were so realistic.

Felt like "filler"


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