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A Lot Like Love...a Li'l Like Chocolate (2011)

A Lot like Love...a li'l like chocolate (2011)

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9380914114 (ISBN13: 9789380914114)
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About book A Lot Like Love...a Li'l Like Chocolate (2011)

First of all this is my book to be read in English. It has nice language used by Sumrit Sahi which is very interesting for the young generation . Characters are as per storyline as they required to be reach. Its really interesting and enjoyable until mid of the book but in the end its some how boring and end was totally looks like common. Btw nice title of the book. I liked it a lot. And i sure i can try one more book from Sumrit Sahi. A pristine feeling. It’s the freshness of morning dew – fragile yet beautiful. It’s like an iPod with your favourite playlist on repeat mode. It’s like a painter’s first stroke – vulnerable, unsure yet intense. It is the uncertainty of the Indian monsoon. It is like the thrill of having a burf ka gola on a chilly December night. It is as unpredictable as the stock market. It is as dependable as your LIC life insurance. It is as sweet and crooked as a deep-fried jalebi. It is noisier than the Delhi traffic, quieter than the sea at night. It is more demanding than your Board exams, more challenging than the AIEEE or the CAT. It can get dirtier than a teenager’s bedroom. It can be as painful as the first period. It is whiter than pearls, more twisted than a salon-returned girl’s curls. It gives a glow, shinier than bleach. It’s naughtier than a boy and girl together on a secluded beach. It is more addictive than coffee, crispier than KFC, deadlier than an LSD trip. It’s the nervousness of the first kiss, the tension of a period miss, the pressure of parental piss.A lot like love, happened to them…just when they met a year ago…

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Did not like the ending.. Wish it were a happy ending

Cheesy romance! Lovely BTW. :)

Must Read it

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