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A Love By Any Measure (2011)

A Love by Any Measure (2011)

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0983979707 (ISBN13: 9780983979708)
Tulipe Noire Press

About book A Love By Any Measure (2011)

When I read the blurb I thought I was going to really enjoy this book. It started intriguing enough, even if I found the male character to be unlovable. THEN you read part of the story through his point of view and it sort of explains a bit his behaviour even if I found it difficult to connect. AND when you think the story cannot have any more twists, the plot moves to the Americas so we can continue to read about their 'love affair'... by then I was hoping for a quick finish because I was a bit bored, to be honest. I didn't get my wish and the story drones on and one into a court case battle. In the end I thought the story was too unlikely for me to connect with the characters and that the story was too long to keep me interested. A shame, really. As it started ok. Really didn't think I would like this book in the beginning. Grayson wanted her as his plaything. But when all is said and done the real story comes out and in turns out pretty good. Could of killed Grayson a couple of time for his dealings and would of like to see more back bones and aggressiveness on Maeve's part. AUDIOBOOK: listened on March 27 2014Narrator: Erin Lennon...did a fine job of it.

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A wonderful historic romance that made me feel like I were in Ireland!

Downloaded a handful of freebies for the Kindle, this is one of 'em.

This book upset me! The supposed hero was a selfish a-hole! Ugh!

3.5 stars


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