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A Maldição Do Lobisomem (2011)

A Maldição do Lobisomem (2011)

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About book A Maldição Do Lobisomem (2011)

PLEASE DONT READ THIS BOOK. Are you kidding me. I read this book for a friend who wanted me to guinea pig it for her, so i basically just wasted hours of my life with this piece of crap (didnt even finish). PLEASE DONT READ THIS BOOK. *spoilers ahead but trust me when i say you're gonna wanna know this before you even pick this **** up. Jessie (the main character)'s mom is killed in a car accident by the cool/mean/popular bi*** at school who wasn't even supposed to be driving the damn car in the first place (cant even remember her name but i think it was sarah and thats how bad this book is) and instead of hating sarah, Jessie BEFRIENDS HER. she's all like "oh this is a chance to give her a second start maybe she wont be as bi***y and i can help her through the guilt she must be feeling for killing my mom)so NATURALLY they become bffs. later some werewolf dude named pietr comes in and jessie has the biggest crush on him but then sarah also starts to have a crush on pietr so NATURALLY jessie steps aside and lets sarah have pietr EVEN THOUGH pietr has told jessie that he has feelings for her and not sarah. but she pushes and pushes and demands they be together so the girl who killed her mom can be happy because its the "right" thing to do. also, pietr does not try to hide the fact that he's a werewolf. tells her to her face in fact. BUT THE STUPID GIRL DOESNT BELIEVE HIM LIKE ARE YOU KIDDING ME WHO TELLS YOU THEY'RE A WEREWOLF JUST FOR FUNSIES. oh and in the midst of everything the FREAKING RUSSIAN MAFIA. makes no damn sense at alllll. i threw the book at a wall and sat in shame for even reading it that far. and then i punched my friend in the face for making me read that thing. all in all, i would give this 0 stars if i could. I have no words for this book! It just pissed me off so much! I was at the middle and I just couldn't continue anymore. From the start I didn't like Jess. I couldn't feel her pain and her struggle. Also by her actions I was so confused and angry. I just don't get her at all. I found her so annoying and stupid. Sarah was even worse than Jess. I just hate her. I always had a thing for people who pretend and even after an accident, she seemed so fake. The only person that I liked a little is Pietr. He seemed interesting but I just couldn't get why he suddenly liked Jess. I just couldn't feel the passion between them. It seemed like someone forced them to be together. No chemistry. The writing was good but the plot and the depth of the characters made me to put only 2 stars at this story. Sometimes it made me so confused of things that I just couldn't continue. The thing that stopped me continuing the story was that Jess forgave Sarah of the death of her mother. Nobody would EVER help someone to be happy after such a tragedy. I wouldn't recommend this story. I was really disappointed.

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i felt like i was being hit over the head with a 2x4. Yes this is a werewolf book. I get it already.

I liked the unique plot line and difference to other similar themed stories

this book was realy good its a must read

Loved this book. Its really good

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