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A Map Of Home (2008)

A Map of Home (2008)

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This is one of those books that's kind of hard to sell. Like you look at the summary and can easily think "do I really need to read another coming of age story about a kid whose background coincidentally matches the author's" cause honestly I sure as hell normally don't have much interest in reading those but in this case: yes, yes you do. Randa Jarrar is one of those writers that could read the phonebook to you and somehow make the whole thing riveting and funny and make you want to devour it cover to cover. And I don't mean "funny" as in through the eyes of some snarky asshat who thinks they're making profound statements about what assholes everyone is and then halfway through the book you just want to punch him in the face. I mean actual funny. So this book: don't just read it because you want to "learn" about what people in x or y country are like, do read it cause you want to read something awesome. i'd have to go over my list to make sure, but probably the best book i've read all year. i gave it to lisa for her birthday, and she loved it and told me to read it because i would love it too and she was right. i want anyone who's ever said "all those arabs are the same" to be read this book. it's full of great nuances like how her dad's palestinian family loves her mother because she talks arabic like a movie star. Yet for all her drawing her own map of home, trying to figure out where she's from and what is family and makes her her, the greatest insight is when she comes to america, because she knows that she is no longer interesting because she's all mixed up. Since in america everyone is all mixed up and what has made her interesting her whole life now makes her like everyone else.

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I tried. I just didn't connect with this character and couldn't get into this story. Bummer.

There is ALOT we don't understand in the western world about growing up in the Mid East.

Heart-warming and heart-breaking coming-of-age story - very touching and funny.

Very engaging.

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