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A Mere Formality (2008)

A Mere Formality (2008)
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Ilona Andrews
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A Mere Formality (2008)
A Mere Formality (2008)

About book: Being a huge fan of the Kate Daniels series I was interested in reading this short story. I knew that it would be nothing like the Kate Daniels books but I still enjoyed it. I like science fiction but don’t really read much of it so this was a good story to find.The story was not really what I had expected to be honest. There is a bit of adult content that surprised me somewhat, I knew that there would be some form of adult content because you are warned before downloading the book but I was surprised that it wasn’t actually sex scenes as such.That being said, I thought the story was quite interesting. You don’t really get told too much about the world or anything like that so it’s got this mysterious element to it which was quite cool.Overall, I thought that A Mere Formality was an interesting short story and I had fun reading it. I had forgotten that I had read this story before. It is smart and has a wicked sense of humor. I find that I really enjoy the Ilona Andrews SF stories, and I wish they would write more, and longer.This one follows an analyst caught in the middle of interstellar intrigue. Her side desperately needs the help of a warrior culture, but that culture's rules make it hard to figure out how to develop a solid agreement. Fortunately, someone has already figured that out. However, there are several surprises along the way. And a sweet ending.
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I loved this story. Whenever I need a good fun, comfort read I go back to it and enjoy it again.
Short and amusing - there is just enough story here to enjoy, but not enough to really love.
A cute, funny short story downloaded from the author's website. Really good fun!
*sigh* Really short, but seriously, I will read anything these two write.
This was a very creative Sci Fi short story.
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