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A Million Suns (2012)

A Million Suns (2012)

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159514398X (ISBN13: 9781595143983)

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I'm sorry but this book was just so stupid. Be prepared for a very long rant. The only reason I continued reading was because I just want to finish the series but not because I'm genuinely enjoying this book at all. first of all why is Elder still listening to Amy she's obviously a selfish little brat and I don't care how pale she is or how different her hair is she still a selfish little brat stop listening to her. Also why does she have such a hard feelings about Orion yes he unplugged you and yes he tried to kill your parents but move on their not dead and he he's trying to save you now. He legitimately is telling you exactly how to get off the ship and at the same time telling you that you won't survive and you're still mad at him why? you never had to come on the ship in the first place it was your choice to either stay on earth or get on the ship and you decided to get on the ship why are you mad at him? And then the whole thing with Luther you didn't feel any of this rape trauma whenever it was happening in the first book but in the second book it's all that can keep you up at night time really? And then the whole thing with Elder just tell him exactly what's wrong with you you're stuck the time you thought you were stuck on the ship why keep anything hidden from him and then even whenever there is a way to get off the ship you still never wanted to tell him anything why not? And then the whole thing about her not having a choice to love him because they're the same age you don't have to date someone the same age as you. There are people that were older than you on that ship that you can clearly date if you really wanted to you so that excuse is stupid.another thing I question if they are on the same place in the same ship the whole time doesn't everything get recycled how are they running out of stuff and everything has to stay on that ship. Doc was right Elder is a weak leader and he continuously let people push and punch him in the face. what are you doing stand up for yourself! Like it would have been fine if he were a great speaker but he isn't a great speaker nor a great fighter so why are you trying to lead the ship you're not going anywhere literally. And Amy acts as if she was put on the ship just to lead them to the right way. you never wanted to be woken up in the first place stop acting like this is your mission for live by these people because it isn't. This is another reason I didn't understand her hatred for Orion. He made you believe in something when no one else did yet he doesn't deserve to see what he was born to lead?Rant done. For now Enjoyed this more than the first novel. During the first novel, it was hard for me to create the imagery in my mind. But after finishing the first novel and getting an idea of what's really going on, it became an easier and quicker read. I do feel it is a bit easily predictable, but still an entertaining read. Definitely more surprises throughout this novel. I recommend this series to anyone who enjoys sci-fi/dystopia.

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I enjoyed this book as much as the 1st one. Surprises around every corner. Good story.

Captivating sequel to Across the Universe!


*4.5 stars*

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