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A Most Dangerous Deception (2013)

A Most Dangerous Deception (2013)

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Houghton Mifflin Harcourt

About book A Most Dangerous Deception (2013)

This series definitely has potential, but I'm not going to lie I was skimming the pages near the climax of the story. I just thought it was very unevenly paced and that the reasoning for all the intrigue was either too complicated for me to understand (highly doubt that) or not explained very well within the book. I'm hoping that this is cleaned up in the second box, as I did enjoy the character of Peggy and the interactions she had with her cousin, Olivia as short as those scenes were. A lark of a tale of espionage, fashion, and flirtations in the court of King George I in 1600s England. When poor relation Peggy refuses to marry the rapacious young man her uncle has picked out for her, she finds herself alone and penniless on the streets of London. A seemingly chance encounter sets her on the course of impersonating a Lady in Waiting to Princess Caroline, King George's daughter-in-law, in order to gather information. Trouble is, Peggy is not exactly certain why her handlers want the information or which side they're on. This little-known (in North America at any rate) period of history when the new Hanoverian court is pitted against Jacobite rebels provides an interesting background to a light-hearted mystery series.Book Pairings:Ally Carter's spy series and Gail Carriger's young adult steampunk series have similar spunky female characters in tales with a good mix of humor and suspense.

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1716 England, exciting spy story with a touch of romance.

Historical Fiction

2 - 2.5 stars

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