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A Night Away (2012)

A Night Away (2012)

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1623220033 (ISBN13: 9781623220037)
Fated Desires Publishing, LLC

About book A Night Away (2012)

This is a great short read while waiting on Adam's story to come out. It goes back and give you a little on what has been going on with Kade and Mel since they have has thier son Finn. He is a handful and always crying. Mel and Kade are so tried and seem to have no time for themselves as a couple and both their wolfs are craving some much needed alone time. Kade decideds to take Mel away for the night to reconnect, but when he tells Mel he wants to talk, she thinks he is leaving her and Finn. Kade lets her know he would never leave and explains his plain and when she ask who will watch Finn, Maddox appears and says he plans to keep the rug rat. Mel is so surpised but agrees to go and of course once Kade gets her to the cabin things heat up before they even get inside. After lots of sex they finally talk about how to deal with all the stress of taking care of Finn, the pack and their relationship. They agree to wing Finn off breast feeding and let Cailin be the nanny and help take care of Finn during the day. Mel is so shocked that it was Cailin's idea to help with Finn but she is happy. Back at home Maddox seems to be handling Finn pretty good, but he talks to him like an adult. Tells him he needs to take it easy on his parents that they are tired and its hard when he wants to cry all the time. North and Ellie come in and Maddox seems upset that Ellie is with North. She takes Finn and tells him they are their to help, but Maddox tells them to leave and get back to their DATE. Once they leave he seems to relax agian with Finn. Mel and Kade head home early. They think the house will be a wreck, Mel says first one in doesn't have to clean. Mel wins but when she walks in she is so shocked by what she sees she is speechless. Maddox hac cleaned the house, all the toys are picked up, vaccumed and even dusted, plus fresh flowers in all the vases. He does let them know he doesn't plan on having kids and how do they do it every day. They are so excited to see Finn and he says is first words DaDa and Kade is bragging when he says MaMa too. Great read and I can't wait to read Adam's story. I really wish she would give Maddox a mate too. This quick novella gives readers a chance to catch up with many of our favorite characters from the Redwood Pack, especially Mel and Kade, who are now proud parents to little Finn.Mel love's her little boy, and her mate, too, but suddenly it seems like the walls are caving in on her. Between being a mother, helping to keep the Pack safe, and everything in between, she has no time for herself anymore--nor, ahem, quality time to spend with her mate. Kade feels much the same way, though he knows Mel is much more stressed than he. So he enlists the help of his brother, Maddox, to come watch Finn for a day while the two of them sneak off for some mate-time. I loved this one. I have yet to read Mel and Kade's story, but the great thing about Ryan's books is the fact that you can easily pick one up out of order and not be lost, though, like with any series, it is always better if you do read them in order. :) I may not be a mom, or wife, or, well, wolf, but I still felt for Mel. Because we've all been there, at one point or another. Giving so much of ourselves to our various responsibilites that we have no time left for us, and soon we feel lost, stressed, and horrible. Let me tell you, if I had my own Kade to lean back on, and have my wicked way with for a day, I'd be a happy girl, a very happy girl! :) Lucky Mel!

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Very short, but sweet.

cute short story.


Great novella!

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