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A Night To Surrender (2011)

A Night to Surrender (2011)

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0062049836 (ISBN13: 9780062049834)

About book A Night To Surrender (2011)

Susanna Finch is odd. With her tall figure and red hair, her ability to handle guns better than most men, and her unladylike interest in herbs and medicine, she just doesn’t fit in. But instead of shrinking into corners, she has created her own niche in the tiny town Spindle Cove. She has created a safe haven for the shy wallflowers, sickly girls, girls who are fascinated by natural sciences; In short, anyone who is different is given a chance to embrace their unique oddities in the quiet, rural town before going back into Society or making their debut. Victor “Bram” Bramwell is eager to join his regiment after a leg wound, but because of his injuries no one thinks him capable of rejoining his fellow soldiers in the war against Napoleon. As a last resort, he has resolved to seek assistance of a friend of his late father’s, who is said to have some influence over the Prince Regent. Unfortunately, once he arrives at Sir Lewis Finch’s house, he is informed that instead of marching orders, he is being granted the title Lord Rycliff for his services to the crown, a dilapidated ruin of a castle, and the task to form a militia to defend the coast in case of an attack. But he soon realizes he has his work cut out for him. There are few men left in Spindle Cove, which earned them the nickname “Spinster Cove”, and the ones who are still in residence don’t qualify as “real men” in his eyes. His reaction to a vicar who wears pink waistcoats, a smith who fashions delicate lockets, an innkeeper whose tavern is decorated with lace curtains and flowers was simply hilarious. I loved this book from the first page. The scene were Bram tries to reason with a sheep and his cousin decides to set off a few minor explosions to clear the street had me laughing out loud, and it only got better with every page. I loved Susanna and her goal to do everything in her power to allow the girls in her care to find themselves, and her determination to help them grow. I loved how slowly and steadily her relationship with Bram evolved, how those two stubborn idiots learned to let go of things that were holding them back, and learning to accept and love each other’s flaws. I loved the camaraderie between Bram, Colin, and Thorne and can’t wait for their stories. I loved the odd assembly of spinsters, bespectacled bluestockings, and all the other girls that would’ve been ostracized in society if someone hadn’t taught them to be proud of who they are. And then there’s Dinner. But I’m not going to spoil that for anyone, it’s just too adorable ^^ Soldier Victor Bramwell, the newly minted Earl of Rycliff, is trying to get a new command after being badly injured during battle. His travels take him and his companions to Spindle Cove. Sir Lewis Finch, a friend of Bram's father, promises to help Bram get a command if he can put together a militia for Spindle Cove. The only problem is Spindle Cove is predominately inhabited by women. Susanna Finch uses the town as a refuge for women who just don't fit in with society. Some are spinsters, some are women in troubled marriages, and others just don't fit into society's mold. Susanna sees the militia as and end to her serene life. With the influx of men, especially Bram, Spindle Cove will never be the same.The first book in the Spindle Cove series is a fun story with interesting characters. Bram wants nothing more than to get back into the army, but his injury is preventing it. Susanna wants to protect her community from the influence of men, and is worried that by having a militia, everything will change. I liked the romance and the humor in this book. The supporting characters were also fun. Can't wait for the next book in the series. My rating: 4.5 Stars.

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3.5. not my favorite Tessa Dare book- not exceptional, but enjoyable nonetheless.

from the beginning I had already fallen in love with Collin ... He is so funny!

gw baca buku 2 nya dulu, tp seru si ini buku 1 nya*males bikin review*

Just read it, it took me one night, ´cause I couldn´t stop

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