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A Once Upon A Time Tale: Reawakened (2013)

A Once Upon A Time Tale: Reawakened (2013)
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A Once Upon A Time Tale: Reawakened (...
A Once Upon A Time Tale: Reawakened (2013)

About book: Even though I have watched the first season at least 3 times, I really enjoyed the book. It's not the script. It's like a tale of the episodes adding a depth to some characters, especially Snow and Emma. It does leave out many things. For example, Belle is barely mentioned. The book is all about Snow, Emma, Charming and Henry. I wish it included more. It would be even better then. I wonder if they will write such a book for the other seasons too. I loved this book so much!I loved it all. It was well written but i did find one mistake. Mary Margaret called Gold, 'Miss Gold.'I was disappointed that Regina's flashbacks in 'Stable Boy' was not added but it is in Snow and Emma's POV so i understand why they left it out.The book is just like the tv show and it was interesting to read about Snow and Emma's thoughts and feelings towards things.I highly recommend this to Once Upon A Time fans as well.This is a book i would definitely read again one day.
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I that it splits into the real world and fairytale world and I think it should be more to the series
It was alright as a book, but as a fan of the series, I didn't come away with anything new.
Fun novelization of one of my favorite shows.
omg, it's not good.
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