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A Perfect Mess (2013)

A Perfect Mess (2013)
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A Perfect Mess (2013)
A Perfect Mess (2013)

About book: I couldn't wait to read A Perfect Mess...bad boys and Louisiana, two of my favorite things. Of course I loved Booker Outlaw, the hot guy bad boy that has made a successful career writing horror novels. And I really liked Aubree, the perfect girl that has secrets. A Perfect Mess hooked me with the characters but kept me reading with the twists and secrets to be uncovered. I couldn't put this story down until the very end. I loved that while I was reading it felt like I was right there in the bayou and seeing this story unfold. I'm looking forward to the next in the series. I read A Perfect Mess because it was a Free book I could download through Ibooks on my Ipad! Figured I would give it a try the description didn't sound half bad.. I literally could not put the book down! It was amazing from the beginning to the end! The suspense and romance and mystery of it had me on the edge the entire time! I kind of knew what happened early on or figured I knew what happened but there were so many twists and turns thrown in there that you have to read to the very end to know for sure what all happens! Great mystery romance for sure!
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Loved this book...looking forward to the other books Zoe has out there to read....
I really enjoyed this book and look forward to more by this author.
Just love Zoe Dawson
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