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A Perfect Storm (2012)

A Perfect Storm (2012)

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About book A Perfect Storm (2012)

Having read all of the books in this series back-to-back, I’m kind of surprised to feel that this one is my favorite of the group, especially because I had a difficult time feeling any kind of connection to Arizona at first. I couldn’t relate to her attitude; which is a blessing when you think about it. The woman had a sorry life even before her father sold her to human traffickers in order to buy drugs. Gang raped and forced into prostitution until she escaped. Jackson managed to save her and views her as his little sister and someone to be protected, and being protected isn’t what she wants. Since being saved, she’s become a vigilante to save those who are trapped and to shut down these operations.On her twenty-first birthday she breaks into Spencer’s home and asks the bounty hunter for back-up when setting herself up as bait to take down another group of human traffickers. He’s definitely attracted to her, but believes she’s too young for him and isn’t ready to let go of the wife he lost to a trafficker’s gunfire three years ago. He gently helps her get past a few hang ups and possibly more important, the men all learn to respect her abilities and accept her as one of them.As with all of these stories in this series, there’s a lot of ink devoted to the inner struggle both Arizona and Spencer individually face when it comes to just what their relationship means and what the other thinks of them. Unlike the other stories, sex isn’t something that happens until much further along. However, since she’s never known kindness or even a gentle kiss, she has a lot of questions he’s willing to answer honestly and some of that alone heats things up.The entire gang is on hand which is what I like best about this author’s books. In my opinion, it’s the characters that really make the story, and once the main ones are introduced, they play a part in all later books in the series. This book is worth even more than 5 stars . I've never felt so attached to a character . It's unreal . It's unfortunate that I read the 4th book first . But it was much more than is expected . Lori Foster has done it with this book. I loved Arizona edginess and adventurous streak . And Spencer . No words . I think every woman dreams of a spencer Lark . This characters were brought to life and no an ounce of disappointment . Definitely a good read ! Bravo Foster .

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4.5 starsI love that the characters in this series are so well developed.

Good characters, spicy scenes, but human trafficking is a downer.

Guys in books really are better.


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