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A Planine Odjeknuše (2013)

A planine odjeknuše (2013)

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About book A Planine Odjeknuše (2013)

what do I think? I think his 'kite runner' and 'thousand splendid suns' was better than this one . This book was like a set of many short stories combined into one book and all the stories were very touching ..Sir you know how to make your readers cry .. the book started with a promise to never get separate and it ended with the fulfilment of the same promise ( I hope that wasn't a spoiler) , in midst there came many characters and the readers will get so shocked that they will appraise the author in every single page . I cried during most of the stories and trust me i hardly cry while reading but i couldn't control the tears. I couldn't stop reading it though . Honestly , there was also a time when I wanted to go find the author and ask him to write more . He used to stop writing about the character whenever I got into the story and he started with another exciting story . Thank you for the book sir ! Such a disappointment after having loved Hosseini's first two novels. Rather than interweaving different characters' stories together concurrently, each one is told one at a time. Once you finish reading about one character, you have to begin all over again with another one. As the book progresses, you wonder what's going to tie them all together, but sadly that curiosity wasn't enough for me to finish the book.

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This was my least favorite book that I have read of Khaled Hosseini.

Not as good as Hosseini's previous books, but I still liked this.

Excellent book. A great narration of each character

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