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A Race Against Time (2004)

A Race Against Time (2004)
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A Race Against Time (2004)
A Race Against Time (2004)

About book: I recently finished A Race Against Time by Carolyn Keene. This book is about Nancy Drew who is competing in a bike race with 3 of her friends to raise money for a charity. There has been thousands of dollars raised, but when Nancy finds out it has been stolen, she drops the race and solves the case. This book was very good because I loved how the author put so much description into the book when Nancy was trying to solve the case. For example: "I wasn't in the shed alone. Sssssssssss. I was sharing the shed with a bunch of snakes!" I also loved this book because of all the friendship behind it. Like how when Nancy dropped out of the race, Bess took her spot when she was just supposed to be the supporter and driver for the team. I can relate to this book because just like Nancy Drew she is so curious about everything. I'm that way too when something happens and it's not good I will try my hardest to make it right. Just like Nancy Drew does in A Race Against time. This book got very bad in some parts like when another team in the race pulled pranks on Nancy's team. But I loved how the author solved them. For example one time a team took a distributive cap out of Nancy's teams car, but they didn't whine and complain they called someone they new that had distributive cap and actually ended up with their car ahead of the team that pranked them so they could be the first one to greet their cyclist at the finish line! Every time something went wrong in the story I loved how the author solved it. She was just so descriptive and clever. The author definitely dug down deep in this story which is why I think A Race Against Time is such a good book!
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