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A Rapariga Dos Pés De Vidro (2010)

A Rapariga dos Pés de Vidro (2010)

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About book A Rapariga Dos Pés De Vidro (2010)

A whole cast of characters irrevocably stuck in their own lives: Midas, who is paralyzed with fear that he is going to become like his coldhearted father; Henry Fuwa, who desperately loves Midas' widowed mother but cannot summon the courage to be with her; Carl, now obsessively in love with the dead woman he always thought would someday return to him; and Ida, whose carefree existence has changed dramatically now that she is inexplicably turning to glass. The sense of place in the novel is perfectly drawn: a marshy island where few visit and few except longtime locals stay, where the woods hide creatures of magic and legend, and Ida is not the first to begin to turn to glass. Though this story of love and death ends with tragedy, the journey was well worth it. Each character struggles with ghosts of the past, cowardice, and the ability to take control of their own lives. A few summon the bravery to conquer their demons, some do not. The perpetually stuck characters may frustrate readers, especially Henry Fuwa and Mrs. Crook, who seem to have very little logic behind why they are frozen in a past time, but I really enjoyed Midas' transformation throughout the book, and the supporting cast of his best friend/friend's daughter, who help him learn to love and summon courage through their own losses. Was für eine schöne, tragische Geschichte! *seufz* Passend zum Roman gestaltet sich auch die Hardcover-Version des Buches. Es ist wunderschön gestaltet und ergänzt die Geschichte um Ida, deren Körper sich langsam mehr und mehr zu Glas verwandelt, und Midas, der zuerst einmal die Vergangenheit abschütteln muss, ehe er und Ida zusammen finden kann und versucht das Glas aufzuhalten. Ein kleines bisschen hat mich das Ende jedoch enttäuscht. Ich habe bis zum Schluss auf eine Wende gehofft... Nun ja. Alles in allem aber ist "Das Mädchen mit den gläsernen Füßen" ein Buch, das ich guten Gewissens weiterempfehlen kann. :)

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stinky!! here is a book where everyone is in love but everyone is too afraid to be in love!

Somewhere between a 2 and a 3. Maybe it just wasn't my type of book...

Beautiful love story about the odd ways of live.

Beautifully slow, mesmerising and mysterious.

Melko raskas lukea, mutta ihan hyvä.

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