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A Rookie Move (2012)

A Rookie Move (2012)
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A Rookie Move (2012)
A Rookie Move (2012)

About book: 3.5 starsA shorter novel (novella?) than my preference, but despite that, I found this story - first for me by this author - a solid, entertaining read.Mike, a veteran street cop, approaching 40, and a man known for being tough on his rookies, finds that his latest rookie, and now partner, Nate, is getting under his skin. Nate. Nearly fifteen years Mike's junior, Nate has all the makings of a damn fine cop - if Mike can keep him at arm's length.Mike is gay, but it is his secret, and to all on the force, his alone. Mike doesn't do relationships, so he is both scared and disconcerted when finds himself caring more for Nate than he should, especially as Nate is straight...While this a classic case of gay- or out-for-you, it is also a story of a man finally finding something to break all his habits for, a man finding someone who just be worth risking everything for.Both characters are appealing - Mike with his "hard as nails" exterior - physically and emotionally - that covers a very caring heart, a heart he has fiercely defended from being hurt over the years. Nate, on the other hand, is young, charming, and comes from a monied background, but it says something about him that has the drive to become a street cop. It soon becomes apparent that Nate has also had issues in the past, as he is many ways, in ways that count, older than his years.I liked their evolution as a couple, particularly Nate's resilience and determination to do the right thing - as a cop, to his ex, and to Mike. In many ways, I feel this had the potential to be something longer, yet at the same time, it was a complete story in itself. I will certainly take another look at this author. My Review:hmm, I did enjoy this book. I have a couple of things that I really enjoy in m/m and one is when one of the characters "discovers" that he's gay. This book most definitely had that with Nate's character. It also had the added benefit that both these guys are cops and partners so there was all kinds of intense things happening between them both on and off the job. Mike and Nate have been partners for a year. Mike trained Nate as a rookie and kept him on because he was a good cop, but the past few months Mike has had fantasies about Nate. Even though Mike is gay, he's deeply in the closet as a cop and has never had an issue separating his sexual life from his professional life and he's certainly never thought that way about a partner. Not a good thing for either staying in the closet or keeping him and his partner safe because it's becoming a distraction.For his part, Nate is clueless. He's in a relationship, a rocky one, with a girl. He's straight and as far as he knows his partner is too. But as tensions rise sexually and on the job, emotions overflow and the guys share a kiss...a hot, sizzling one! I ADORE this type of story line!!! And slight spoiler here...don't worry if you're like me and hate cheating in books...things break off between Nate and the girl before things really begin to happen between him and Mike. There are all kinds of roadblocks for these guys. First off, is that Nate has to come to terms with this idea. But almost as difficult is for Mike to agree to get involved with someone who he works with and is quite a bit younger than him. There's definitely more at risk here than just his heart. I liked the way that the story is written and unfolded. There are things happening to the guys as cops that create more tension and eventual honesty between the two. I thought those were great story twists to make the relationship even more believable. It was a good book. The author writes some really sizzling scenes, but the emotions are there behind them to make them even more. This is the second book I've read by this author and I will definitely be on the look-out for more with his name on them.
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Good book. Well written. Will read any cop-falling-in-love book. Can't help it.
Damn! This was hot!4.5 Stars!
My rating: 3.5 stars
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