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A Rose Is A Rose (2011)

A Rose is a Rose (2011)

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About book A Rose Is A Rose (2011)

Probably my favorite from Jet Mykles. A quick but enjoyable read and I totally fell in lovewith Eddie. The break-up, which sometimes feels like an easy way to create conflict, worked here because it gave the MC a chance to grow. And I must admit that I've usually found Jet Mykles to be one of those authors who seem to be completely unable to keep out the m/f (menage stories, of course, are a different matter) and that has always bugged me, but here there were no girly bits and that made me immensly happy. I really enjoyed this book. We follow Carson, a semi-talented burlesque player living off the good graces of a sugar daddy. Thanks to lessons learned from how his mother moved from man to man, Carson does the same, relying on both his looks and his sexual expertise to move from provider to provider. I wasn't expecting to like Carson but I found him extremely charming and very sweet. We start this book after he was dropped by his last man, a producer at the burlesque show. This causes Carson more than a few issues at work and he begins to struggle to make ends meet. From knowing only one way to live he begins to shift his way of thinking and he makes a new friend in the owner of the apartment building where he lives. Eddie acts as superintendent of the apartment in addition to owning the building. He's kind to Carson and they begin a genuine friendship. There's lots of delicious chemistry as well. I loved this journey that Carson went on. How he looked at where his life was at and how he wanted to take steps to change it. This story focused more on Carson and while we did get a bit of where Eddie's head was at it was definitely Carson's show. I didn't feel cheated at all though. I liked Eddie and and loved the two of them together. A wonderful little read.

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