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A Sinner Born (2013)

A Sinner Born (2013)

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1419946609 (ISBN13: 9781419946608)
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About book A Sinner Born (2013)

I am not even sure where to start with this one. Syren is a deeply wounded man whose whole life is about getting revenge for the horrible things that happened to him and his family. His quest for revenge has left him completely vulnerable, physically and emotionally. When Kane skids into his life suddenly everything is off kilter. He is doing things he never would have, feeling things he never thought he would feel. While Kane is still mourning for a lost love, he can't resist the pull of Syren. This book just keeps twisting the knife, just when you think things are going to be resolved another emotional punch comes. The fractured love between these two men was sweet and sexy, the misunderstands cut deep, but in the end they could not stay away. Best book in the series! I love this entire series but something about Syren always moved me, I wanted to desperately know his story and I wasn't disappointed! He was so incredibly wonderful & had so many layers to him that I couldn't help but find him fascinating...he was wonderful! And I loved his "fetish" it was actually really hot!! Kane Ashby drove me a bit crazy when he just couldn't stop living in the past but he definitely redeemed himself. These two men had such a crazy hot kindle was smoldering!

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first one was better, but only because of the shitty ending. Like it was just stupid

This is undoubtedly the best book in the series :D

All I can say is this book is so Awesome

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