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A Sua Immagine (1997)

A sua immagine (1997)

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About book A Sua Immagine (1997)

This is the first book in the "Christ Clone Trilogy" Which immediately tells you it will be unlike any book you may have read before. Science has moved forward to the point that a man has created a clone of Jesus Christ! The steps are well thought out, the science plausible. Christopher Goodman could be the re-creation of Jesus? Covering many parts of the globe, many sides of politics around the world. This book will make you think hard about what you believe and what could be possible. For Sci-fi buffs, conspiracy theorists, the religiously devout, all will find something to think about. Everything centers around the Mideast. As this first book draws to a close, Christopher is beginning to show his supernatural powers.I find it fitting that I finished this book on Easter Sunday. This is truly one of those books that makes you think, "What the f___ did I just read?"I was led to this trilogy in the comments/reviews of the Left Behind series, of which I read the entire original series and two of the four prequels. (I also read the first book in the Prodigal Project series, which was awful, but I digress...) All of the reviews seemed to indicate that this trilogy far exceeded the Left Behind series, so I finally decided to read it.I will say this, it is definitely not what I was expecting. A research team goes to investigate the Shroud of Turin (which has been proven to be a fake, but we'll overlook that for now), and finds living skin cells on it, presumably the living skin cells of Jesus. One of the scientists decides to clone the skin cells, and unwittingly gives birth to the Anti-Christ. Definitely an original idea -- pretty sure there is no other book on the whole of planet Earth that suggests the cloning of Christ is possible.While I give the author many points for creativity, some of the things that occur in this story are pretty bizarre, even for and end-of-times novel. For that reason, I sometimes found myself distracted and unable to focus on the plot or characters.One thing I did truly appreciate, however, is that the author does not take a literal interpretation of Revelation and just put it in a modern setting, which is basically what happened in the Left Behind series. The author takes a symbolic approach and includes something like a hundred footnotes to explain his literary devices.Yes, I am going on to read book two. So, four stars for this book.

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My son recommended it. It was interesting and very well documented, but not "great."

Absolutely the best written ficton of end times. A must read!

Excellent book! In fact I've read it twice.

Better than "Left Behind" but disappointing.

The best end times books ever created

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