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A Very D Christmas (2000)

A Very D Christmas (2000)

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About book A Very D Christmas (2000)

It’s really nice to finally see D reconnecting with his long lost family members (in this case, his lone relatives – his sister Merle). I loved that Jack initiated this meeting and how D was so hesitant to even contact his sister for fear of rejection. It’s sweet how his sister was all very accepting with D’s choices. It was a sweet Christmas for D – finally realizing that he doesn’t only have Jack but he’s also got a whole lot of people for his family.I hope Jane Seville will finally come out with the second novel. A quick short where we get to catch up with Jack and D. This short was well planned and executed well. It took an important topic and treated it with realistic writing. The author really showed just how hard it can be to find the proper answers for parents of a bullied child.Jack and D going to church was also done in a caring way.I am definitely glad that I finally gave in and purchased this. I just wish the sequel would become available, as I would love more D. (More Jack wouldn't be bad either.)

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Another quick peek at Jack and D's life post-Zero at the Bone. A nice read with a good message.

5 stars because.. I don't have a good reason to give it 4 :/

This was really great short read!

I love these 2 guys.

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