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A Vial Of Life (2015)

A Vial of Life (2015)
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A Vial Of Life (2015)
A Vial Of Life (2015)

About book: That vial of potion may have given me life… But what kind of life is this?Holy cow! After the way the last book ended I couldn’t wait to find out what that ending meant for Ben and the next leg of his journey, I never expected it to be so heartbreaking! This poor kid has endured so much and I can’t even imagine how he’s going to get himself out of this current predicament. And to feel so helpless as everything else is falling apart around him, my heart totally went out to him! I really, really, really hope that things work out for him in the end. He absolutely deserves it! This particular installment was very reminiscent of the earlier Shade books with all of the action and adventure and the fact that it took place pretty much within The Shade the entire time and focused on the core group of characters. Several things that happened early on in the series are starting to have implications now, which is really turning up the danger and suspense for our residents of The Shade! As always, this book is filled with so many twists and turns that it’ll leave your head spinning. And I can’t even begin to figure out what some of the new discoveries will mean long term for this storyline, but all I know is that these ‘bad guys’ that Bella Forrest keeps thinking up just get scarier and more deadlier as the series goes on! I feel like Ben still has a long way to go on his journey and given how this one ends, I am nervous for what’s going to happen next! But one thing’s for sure, I can’t wait for the next installment to find out!
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