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A Vintage Affair (2009)

A Vintage Affair (2009)

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About book A Vintage Affair (2009)

A Vintage Affair had intrigued me when I read a sample of it and decided to buy the book. I was a little disappointed with the rest of the book. The story had a nice feel to it, but was a bit jumbled. Some of the ideas fit nicely, others were not needed. At times I would become annoyed with the writing style as it was written in first person it had the feel of idol chit chat. A lot of French was thrown it at times on odd spots with no translation, I was able to decipher some as some wording is similar to English, but it was a little off putting at times. Phoebe is the new owner of a vintage shop and has lost her best friend and a fiancé within a few months of her new venture. it's a new start, a fresh beginning. She also meets two new men and starts a whirlwind relationship with a man who is 15 years her senior with a spoiled teen daughter. The relationship smells of disaster from the beginning and turns out really to be somewhat pointless fluff that was added to the book that really was not needed. she also forges a friendship with an ailing woman who talks of her time during WWII and the quirky reporter she meets in Chapter 1. I felt all along she should have dated the reporter and ends up doing so. Lovely references to fashion and designers as well as some celebrities. The story had a nice lesson to be learned but at times was just so so for me. Realy a 2.5 rating but can't give half stars I really did not expect much from this book other than a pleasant little story; but somehow this book drew me in and really made me wish I could spend more time with the characters! I loved the descriptions of the dresses (especially those cupcake dresses!!!) so deliciously appealing and just the right balance without making you say, "enough already." Then there are the sub-plots, which are all so well developed and scintillating that you almost wish they had been their own books! All of this was so neatly woven together through the story of Phoebe Swift. I adored this book! Brava, Isabel Wolff!

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Cute and fast story!! Great fluff read when you want to take a break from real ready!

Quick read. Interesting story of vintage clothing store - story of Jewish friends

doux et réconfortant, mais au dénouement trop bien ficelé...

Interesting story line


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