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A Walk Across The Sun (2011)

A Walk Across the Sun (2011)

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I wanted to give this book a higher rating. I could not, however, ignore how devasting and disturbing the subject matter was nor the author's sometimes clumsy depictions of American lawyer Thomas who is exiled from his job and joins an NGO. Ahalya and Sita's characters are better staked in reality as victims of a destructive tsumami who are kidnapped and sold as slaves of the sex trade. The story of millions of people who are traded as slaves across the globe comes alive through these two young women, still just teenagers. Truly, despite its weaknesses, it is a gripping and enlightening novel. Addison does a fantastic job shedding light on the global problem of human trafficking and the sex trade. This novel is well researched and he did a great job discussing how this problem is not something that is isolated to other parts of the world. The problem is real. The problem is in our own backyard. And this problem cannot be ignored.I was grateful for his tastefulness in portraying this. Although a work of fiction, because of the subject matter I was grateful that he didn't delve into too many dirty details. He painted the picture enough for the reader to understand the horrific situation some of the characters found themselves in.This novel should help you feel the need to rise up against modern slavery if you don't already have strong support for its abolition yet. This is a great novel to open up the discussion of human trafficking.

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