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A Week In December (2009)

A Week in December (2009)

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About book A Week In December (2009)

I enjoyed this book set in contemporary London (2007) and following the lives of seven principle characters over seven days. The idea behind it was great and some of the characters, though not all, were well developed but I have to admit to skipping through a lot of the detail of hedge funds and banking etc.Not sure all that detail actually added to the book. Also was underwhelmed by the conclusion. This is certainly for the thinking reader. But the left-wing cheap swipes and overt preaching are a little tiresome. Indeed, Faulks misses the real culprits almost entirely--despite all his informed explanation giving he has read the main subject superficially. Or rather, he is blind through his own ideology.On top of that the book is bleak (until the last few chapters, which do end in hope) and largely lacking in actual narrative. If you want character studies which are rarely more than caricatures, then good; but if you want a riveting story, look elsewhere.Just okay.

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Really enjoyed this book. Love the way SF writes and develops the story. Definitely worth a read.

Compared to Engleby rather disappointing. Easy read but never got attached to the story line.

This was an OK read. Didn't have interesting enough characters and a gripping enough plot.

It was fine.

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