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Aavarana - The Veil (2013)

Aavarana - The Veil (2013)

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About book Aavarana - The Veil (2013)

absolutely brilliant. ... the truth about india's past has never been so well written. we all should come to terms with this rather sad part of our history. .The destruction of the glorious hindu shrines by the barbaric muslim rulers. . Who could never understand the beauty of the native culture. well researched and lucidly woven...brilliantly integrated the past into current times..the closing argument. . That the two communities need closure of the rather disturbing past the need of the the hour. A good entertaining novel. Especially the sub story of the young prince who looses his masculinity. Interesting facts about Indian history and Islam religion is depicted in the novel. One of the negative aspect of the book is, the unnecessary usage of sanskrit words, simple Kannada words could have made the readers live much easier. Extensive usage of words containing "ಫ಼" and "ಜ಼", assumed to be pronunced as "F" and "Z", it makes the Kannada language to loose its nativity. As a fact the usage of Kannada in the novel is very pathetic, it would be better if the author wrote the novel in sanskrit or english.

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Eye opener, Beautiful to read while Bhyrappa takes along the moods of the roles. Great Book.

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