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About Last Night (2012)

About Last Night (2012)

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This is the first book from Ruthie Knox that I have read. If her writing is anything like what I have read in this book, I see myself reading many more of her novels. Mary Catherine ( Cath ) Talarico is a 26 year old lost soul. She takes hit after hit on her personal life and tries to keep her head up high. Cath finally tries to put her life in order, no more bad choices for the new Cath. Neville (Nev ) Chamberlain is a 28 year old trapped in a life he doesn’t want. He is living the life that everyone else wants him to live. He is tired of being the nice guy. Cath sees City ( Nev ) on the train platform during the week. Never did see ever think she would wait up in his apartment. What happens next is a wonderful display of how opposites attract. City ( Nev ) hates working in the family empire of the banking world, he would love to quit and be a painter. Nev can’t believe she has fallen into her bad habits. Ruthie has done a wonderful job with the progression of the story. I love the attraction that these two characters have. They are equally strong in their own right but become stronger together.This story has so many hidden secrets that I don’t want to spoil it for anyone else. **** Must add to your TBR list of books. This is a Must Read Novel. **** About Last Night in my first Ruthie Knox read. I have several on my to-read list. I find most of my new reads by following authors and bloggers on Twitter so I'm pretty sure that's how I heard about this one. About Last Night is a contemporary romance set in London. Cath is an American living and working in London. Nev is British. Cath and Nev (aka "City") have their first "real" conversation when Cath wakes up in some unknown apartment after a bad blind date and has a few too many drinks. She soon finds out she's in City's apartment--the slick banker-type guy she sees at the train station every morning. They connect quickly but Cath leaves his apartment after Nev blunders the "morning" (or afternoon in this case) after. Nev doesn't want things to end with just one day and he tries to get her to see him. Eventually they start hooking up but Cath wants to keep things casual because of her past. Despite her best efforts, Cath and Nev get close.Nev asks Cath to help him with a family problem and she agrees because she cares for him. Everything backfires when Nev's family interferes.Ultimately they both have to overcome some things to get to their happily-ever-after.The emotion throughout (Nev's frustration with Cath's unwillingness to open up to him and to have a real relationship, Cath's feelings of inadequacy because of Nev's wealth and her past, the big fight, and the great reconciliation) really came through for me. I choked up during the fight scene. And Knox's description of Cath's emotion at the end really tugged at me. The evolution of their relationship was believable to me. I read this in a few hours over the weekend--a very enjoyable read. I look forward to reading more books by the author and will recommend this to other contemporary romance readers along with Jennifer Probst's The Marriage Bargain--I find these to be similar reads. About Last Night is a 4-star read for me.

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