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Advertising For Love (2000)

Advertising for Love (2000)

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Anybody who gives this book anything higher than a two-star rating does not understand professional writing. Or even 5th grade grammar. This must have been self-published, because there were typos, homonym mistakes, and a dozen of other problems that any decent publisher would've caught. The story isn't bad, the characters are alright, but the writing is absolutely horrid. I honestly can't believe I finished. Written by any decent author this book would be worth a few bucks. But it's not, and it's not, so I'm glad it was available for free. This is quite possibly the worst book that I have read in 2012. The only thing that I am thankful for is that I did not pay for it. The story tried to have some guts but it was just to implausible. I am usually very patient and willing to suspend belief, but in this rare case it was just too poorly written to allow for that. The editing was non-existent. In fact it felt like the book was translated directly from another language into English and that the subtleties of the English language were not corrected and reworked. In addition, there was no rhythm to the dialogue at all. Not recommended for anyone, unless they would like a project on assisting with a rewrite!

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Great story idea, horribly executes into a dull, weird storyWasn't my cup of tea

The book is quite good and even helped pull me out of my writers block..

Omg this was terrible. No wonder it was free

excellent book!

Loved it!

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