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Aeralis (The Frost Chronicles) (2013)

Aeralis (The Frost Chronicles) (2013)

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About book Aeralis (The Frost Chronicles) (2013)

First and foremost, I’ve been a huge fan of this series. Ever since I read book 1 as an ARC I fell in love with Kate Avery Ellison’s writing. The vivid world and its characters have been great to follow. I’ve stayed loyal to them, even thru those books that lacked the usual magic. So I eagerly picked this up and… not sure what happened.Most of the story was a anticlimactic. As the title states, most of the story took place in Aeralis and not the Frost. Lia and crew are trying to decipher another mystery, uncover secrets and save those they love. I hate love triangles. I really, really hate them. In my opinion it’s a cheap way for an author to create unnecessary drama. It also seems to be a standard in YA literature. They never ever end well and this story proved it. Adam has been a favorite of mine but in this he was so aloof. But overall, what killed the story was that Epilogue. WHY?? My guess is that this was the author’s way of making everyone happy. It really cheapened the story and the series.Very sad since this is the last book in the series. Overall, it tied some loose ends. I will miss Lia, Ivy, Ann, Jonn, Adam and Gabe. SPOILER ALERT I loved this series. I still do. It's really cute and easy to read and all the books are pretty short so with continuous reading it won't take very long to finish all 5 books. However, the last book in the chronicle was a little disappointing. The story line wasn't anything like the previous books because it wasn't really anything about the thorns or her family history. It was about her brother being sick. This would have been ok if Lia didn't have to go through all that bullshit in Aeralis just to find out that a mothcat is the cure to the sickness. All that stuff was bearable because it was still written just as well as the first four books but the one thing that I really hated about the book was the ending. She says yes to Adam and I was super excited and reading the epilogue I was so happy because they grew old together and they had children, but the last two pages ruined it all for me. They killed off Adam in two sentences! He was such a main character and did everything for Lia. The fact that his death was regarded with two sentences, maybe three at most is utterly disappointing. And then there's the part where Lia and Gave her married? That infuriated me so much. It was obviously just a ploy so that the author could appeal to Gabe and Adam fans so that none would be disappointed. Over all I really liked this series and I do recommend it to people of all ages. The last book was pretty disappointing but it doesn't ruin the whole series for me.

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I loved it until the end...Lia made her choice and I wish she and Adam had grown old together...

This is seriously my favorite book in the series.So, so sad it's over already!

Fantastic ending to a great series. 4.5 stars.

Whole series is awesome!

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