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Affair Of Honor (1983)

Affair of Honor (1983)

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The hero Ryder and the heroine Brenna meet when Brenna mistakes his cabin for the one she has rented and attempts to climb in the window. They immediately find a common ground in their interests and they end up spending a lot of time together over the following days. Brenna is not interested in a relationship, and very much concerned over her future after one of the professors she works with stole her ethics research and she has been advised to ignore it so not to jeopardise her career. Ryder is an ex-marine and believes in honour and helps Brenna to come to terms with her feelings and decide what to do. After they spend the night together Ryder makes it clear to Brenna that he wants a forever with her, but Brenna struggles with her confusion over both her feelings towards Ryder and her future career. I enjoyed this book, it was entertaining and full of passion between the hero and heroine. The whole story took place over a period of only a few days but the author made it seem like it was much longer, especially the depth of feeling in the development of the relationship. The passion is also interspersed with moments of warmth, intrigue, and fun. Both characters are likeable and well written, there is a nice balance between them.On an irrelevant-to-the-story note, the font the format of this book uses is something similar to Comic Sans, and it's a little difficult to read... picky, picky!Originally posted at http://everyday-is-the-same.blogspot....

A 1983 Jayne Ann Krentz, this book flowed smoothly, although the dialogue was strained in a few places. Not enough to cause a pause in the reading. One of the things I like best about Ms. Krentz's writing is that it reads so well; never a jarring moment. I did have trouble identifying with Brenna Llewellyn (Who ever heard of a woman getting slapped by a man and not minding?), but Ryder Sterne was her usual no-nonsense, wonderfully direct male. The plot was a little thin, but, hey, it's her early stuff. Still worth re-reading every other year. The theme of the book seems to be theory (ivory-tower academia as represented by Brenna) versus practice (hands-on commando life-experience as represented by Ryder). I've often had occasion to ponder the two. My conclusion? Theory is good in that it provides a starting point for many of us to think through our problems but there is NO substitute for practice since experience is for many of us the ending point. So give me the doer over the thinker any day.

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