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Afraid (2009)

Afraid (2009)

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0446535931 (ISBN13: 9780446535939)
Grand Central Publishing

About book Afraid (2009)

This book was "Black Hawk Down" meets Stephen King. You know how in many King books he spends 3/4's of a book building up a town and the tension and then has it all explode in the last 1/4? Well, this book was all explosion. From start to finish, horror thriller all the way baby.Did it work? Mostly, but it felt more Koontz than King and that is not a compliment.Once the killer(s) identity is revealed early on the book becomes a lot less interesting but still, this book had some of the best action sequences I've ever read and would love to see this as a movie.Particularly, all of the scenes at the high school. Those are as realistic and horrific as anything I've ever read.The characters were a little flat for my liking but that is necessarily sacrificed when you start with the action and don't let off the gas pedal until the end.Entertaining and a quick read but you'd better leave your disbelief at the door. A truly masterful story written in a small town with a host of characters that made me nervous. I kid you not, I was trying to figure out two things from the start of this novel...first, what is going on and then, how will I ever keep all these characters straight in my head? As it turns out the author did an amazing job in fixing these characters in my mind and as I learned to get to know them and invest in them emotionally the story started to unfold.Graphic scenes, might make this not the best book for the younger aged YA but I am sure if you are a thriller, horror freak like me, then you will love this. Weirdly enough, I started and stopped this book 3 times. On my fourth go, I started it and it hooked me in the same part I have read over three times note. Keep on keeping on, if I gave up on it I would have missed an amazing read. WaAr

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Great read! Some parts make you hopeful, some parts make you cringe, but I truly never let's up.

Scary. Wonderful. Don't read before bed.

HI how are you my frind

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