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Afraid - A Novel Of Terror (2012)

Afraid - A Novel of Terror (2012)

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1480112879 (ISBN13: 9781480112872)

About book Afraid - A Novel Of Terror (2012)

Okay, okay, it wasn't great book. It was . . . okay and contained all the literary and intellectual content that one would expect with a title like "Afraid". Certainly not the finest piece of literature that I've ever read. Perhaps, not exactly what I was expecting. But, it did move along and I didn't have to spend 20 minutes in each chapter looking up words that were used during 19th century New Zealand. Fun and fast moving. What more can you ask for in a horror/thriller?The book didn't exactly meet my definition of horror. It fit more closely in the thriller category for me. I kept thinking throughout that it had the makings of a pretty good movie plot (By today's standards anyway). A small Wisconsin town is invaded by a small group of mentally enhanced and controlled unknown military personal. They completely take over the town and its inhabitants and gather most of them in the school gym with the claim that the town is a big lottery winner and they need to be interviewed one by one to put in their claim for their share of the prize. Several people weren't caught up in the group at the school and singly and later in the company of each other fight a desperate battle to survive their savage encounters with these soldiers who ask one question, where is a person who turns out to be the brother of the local sheriff and a recluse that most in the town do not even know. Scientific experiments by the military gone awry make for a chilling read in this book.

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Great Sci fi with lots of suspense and really scary scenes. Couldn't stop reading until the end!

The first book I read from this author, and im now a fan for life

This kept me on my toes. I wish I hadn't had to put it down.

This book was a great read!


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