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After The Bridge (2000)

After the Bridge (2000)

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Lloro :(Ame esta pequeña historia, fue perfecta. Creo que hace un año y medio fue la útima vez que leí TID pero al leer esto puedo confirmar que TID es una historia tan perfecta que no importa el tiempo que pase, me hará sentir algo.La escencia de los personajes esatba intacta y sus acciones me parecieron perfectas.No puedo esperar para ver más de Tessa y Jem en The Dark Artifices God, I cannot begin to start this. I'm emotional. I love love loved Tessa and Will but I love Jem and Tessa the same. I'm not sure it's possible to choose. At least not for me. This was so perfect adding to both The Infernal Devices and for City of Heavenly Fire. The Tessa-Jem parts I was missing from the latter, we got here in After The Bridge. I think I just sat after finished and cried for a bit of a time. I am so not ready to let them go, and I wish that instead of the other Shadowhunters, we could read forever about Tessa and Jem and even Will. I know they will be in The Last Hours series, but it won't be the same. I just love them so much. So so much.Thank you to Cassie, for creating these three imperfectly perfect characters.

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I can honestly say I refuse to read this. I saw the description and started crying. Will......

FEELS.Amo Will, e preferirò sempre lui, ma.. Ma non importa. Jem è l'eccezione.

I REALLY don't like Jem and Tessa as a couple, it feels so wrong.

I swooned. This is way too... I'm crying. Bye.

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