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Agatha Raisin And The Case Of The Curious Curate (2015)

Agatha Raisin and the Case of the Curious Curate (2015)

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0736692290 (ISBN13: 9780736692298)
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About book Agatha Raisin And The Case Of The Curious Curate (2015)

For me, the actual murder in the Agatha Raisin books is secondary to the ongoing of the characters involved. With each book you pick up, Agatha finds herself embroiled in another domestic situation, with it being either her missing almost ex-husband James, the new neighbor – which is always an attractive man, Bill Wong – her favorite policeman, or my favorite Mrs. Bloxby. A perfect counterbalance to Agatha, who always keeps things in perspective and possesses the perfect words of wisdom that Agatha needs to hear even if she does not want to. Since all the Agatha books involve a murder, The Case of the Curious Curate begins with the arrival of a very attractive man - the golden haired Curate Tristan Delon. Though initially beguiled, Agatha starts to wonder if the young man is too good to be true, that is until he is found dead in the Vicar’s study and Agatha must unsnarl the goings on to help her friends the Bloxby’s.At first blush you would not think that the village of Carsely would be capable to such evildoings, but as the bodies start to pile up. Not only does Agatha needs to dig deeper into this murder to find the killer, but also to prevent further wrong doings and to make sure that the right person is behind bars.I truly enjoy this series, Agatha to grow on you. She can be the pushiest most annoying character that you run across, but deep down the woman cares for those around her, she just has a harsh and pushy way of showing it. Start at the beginning and watch Agatha grow as a woman but also as a friend. Under all the gruffness, she is very charming.

Review - I do like how there are a lot of the same recurring characters in these novels, particularly Bill Wong, Roy Silver and Agatha Raisin. These, combined with a few new characters, generally keep the books fresh. This one wasn't very appealing to me. It seemed too much the same as those before it. I did like, however, how we saw more of the Bloxbys in this one. The humour in these books is amazing as it is constant, and very clever.Genre? - Crime / Mystery / MurderCharacters? - Agatha Raisin / James Lacey / Roy Silver / Sir Charles Fraith / Mrs Bloxby / Bill Wong / Vicar Alf BloxbySetting? - Carsely (England)Series? - Agatha Raisin #13Recommend? - MaybeRating - 15/20

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Another great book by M C Beaton. Agatha is once more smitten, as are most of the ladies in the village. But the new curate, Tristan Delon is not all that he seems and before long, he is no more, he has become a murder victim. Agatha is soon hot on the trail of the killer. There are a number of suspects in the frame, including the vicar, Alf Bloxby, supposedly jealous of Tristan's popularity. But with Agatha on the case, things become ever more complicated with many twists and turns, right until the end. Its an exciting and entertaining read, with comedy, some of it centering around Agatha and her love life, as well as her determination to discover the truth no matter what, with the help of her companions, Mrs Bloxby, and Bill Wong are stalwarts again.I can recommend this book. Its going to keep you entertained, interested and amused by turns.

I love Agatha Raisin. She is so funny and she goes through men at such a rate. The curate turns out to be such a dreadful man and the murder was not unexpected. Just found the killer a bit of a surprise. I loved the interaction with Bill Wong though and it was funny to see her destroy the relationship with John Armitage.I just enjoyed the descriptions of village life, of the Morris dancing turning into a brawl, of the duck races, of the organisations of village affairs. The books are delightful, a proper tongue in cheek response to Miss Marple.

Amateur sleuth Agatha Raisin is going through a man-hating phase and so is unmoved by news of a captivating new curate. But when she meets the golden-haired blue-eyed Tristan Delon, she is swept off her feet....along with everymother female in her little village. She is positively ecstatic when he invites her to dine with him, but e next day Agatha is nursing a hangover from he'll and someone has done for the curate in the night.....I found Agatha a more sympathetic character is this book as she is beginning to realise that she can be a comp,eye person in herself and does not need a man to realise her potential (although she does still slip she recovers herself more often). In this case she is nearly taken in by the golden curate but realises he is not all he makes himself out to be before circumstances prove this.
—Kate Millin

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