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Aiden And Ky (2013)

Aiden and Ky (2013)
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Aiden And Ky (2013)
Aiden And Ky (2013)

About book: This is the third book in the "Tales of the Shareem" series. All of the books in this series are VERY ADULT in content. It has an interesting flow in the story between the main characters. Ky, Aiden and Brianne each brought something good and something very broken to their relationship. I loved being able to get so much more information on the Shareem and what their lives where like before the demise of company that created them.Adult read. LOoed this one!! The contrast between Aiden and Ky is smoking hot. A fair and sensual level 1 with a masterful dark Dom level 3. I have no problem with M/M sex and this one makes you want to join in. Im almost jealous of the beautiful Brianna that captures there attention and love as she gets to share all around and watch this two hunks make passionate love to each other as well. Great for the open minded individual who enjoys the more kinky side of things ;)
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If one Shareem is hot, two are scorching. This has been my favorite so far. MMF SciFi menage
I love the Shareem, and Aiden and Ky are super.
3 is the magic number! Sexy.
This has been my fav so far.
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