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Aklından Bir Sayı Tut (2011)

Aklından Bir Sayı Tut (2011)

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6054188712 (ISBN13: 9786054188710)
Koridor Yayıncılık

About book Aklından Bir Sayı Tut (2011)

I really liked this serial killer ... His neatness and his precision...The twisted sense of vengeance and the acute mind that motivated his every move are frakingly scary and yet I can't deny I kept feeling a bit of admiration towards such perseverence and calm obstination. And at the same time I couldn't help but disapprove slightly at Gurney's behavior and careless attitude, the way e reacted toward his wife and son, and even the way he dealt with his issues, past and present ones...ANYWAY, a good read for this weather :) I'm rather disappointed in this novel. It starts off at a fast clip & then peters out until around page 162 or so. Then some real action begins. Then it kinda peters out a bit & finally picks up at the end for the climax.It seemed more about the frail relationship between the main character & his wife. The murderer isn't as tricky or thrilling as one would hope. The characters in general aren't very interesting. The most interesting character is the main characters wife.If you want to read a good police/murder/thriller book, Patricia Cornwell writes some amazing thrillers featuring a woman Chief Medical Examiner as the main character in all the series.I can only recommend this book if you are having trouble sleeping. It will surely do the trick.

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Best book i have ever read in my entire life!!!! I recommend it to everyone!!

Lectura de verano. No está mal pero es un poco previsible.

Enjoyed it, story kept moving, characters believable.....

Couldn't finish. Boring and depressing

Wow, just wow.

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