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Al Límite (2012)

Al límite (2012)

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About book Al Límite (2012)

I really liked it. I liked the age difference between the main characters - Tamara Briggs (31); Elec Monroe (25). Despite her jiggly belly ( I can relate to that) and cottage cheese butt, Elec still declared her beautiful, sexy, and desireable and he made it a point to show her just how sexy, beautiful and desirable she was. Despite her thiry one years of age, Tamara was still insecure of her looks and body. She was married to Pete Briggs, a legendary race car driver. Unfortunately, he died in a tragic race car accident. However, Tamara relays to Elec how Pete was not very complimentary about her jiggly belly and pregnancy weight gain. Tamara's own thoughts reflected how Pete and her always made love in the bedroom on the bed and nowhere else. He was a very enthusiastic lover; but, it seemed like he didn't indulge in what she wanted - she seemed to cater to his sexual needs. Despite him lacking in several things, it did not change the fact that Pete loved her and and was a good father to his children. Tamara was widowed for 2 years before she started to get back into the dating scene. She hooked up with a professor named Geoffrey, who by the author's description was unattractive and boring. She broke up with Geoffrey and immediately hooked and sexed up with Elec, who was the total opposite. The sexual moments between them was hot, sensual, sexy and explicit...the bathroom scenes were my favorite. In addition to being sexy and delicious, Elec is so sweet, so mature for his twenty five years of age. He is an up and coming race car driver. He did not like being in the limelight, and he shied away from the media and press conferences. He was instantly attracted to Tamara. I think he may have had a crush on her. Both of their families were in the same race car category;thus, they were at the same party; he would always see her with the late great Pete at race day. Tamara was head over heels the moment Elec met her kids and how taken they were with him. When the kids were home sick from chicken pox and Tamara was home with them, Elec dropped by bearing gifts and dinner. From then, Elec and Tamara hooked up every Monday and then the hook up included hanging out with the kids as well - playing frisbee, making smores on the open fire pit, and throwing water balloons. There were a few challenges that I'm glad did not take too long to resolve. I liked the other characters as well - Tamara's in laws - Johnny & Beth, Elec's family - Evan (brother), Eve (sister), Elliott and Kathy (mom & dad to the Monroe children), Ryder & Ty (race car drivers and Pete's best friends), Imogen (Tamara's Teacher's assistant), and Suzanne (Tamara's best friend and Ryder's ex-wife). The next installment will focus on Ty and Imogen. I am looking foward to reading it. All in All, Flat-Out Sexy was a sexually charged love story with a fast lane ending. Read this some years back, and just re-read it. And I liked it just as much this time around.Both Tamara and Elec have some depth, and they're both very real people, with real people problems and emotions. It's easy to understand why Tamara is reluctant to get involved with Elec -- but it's sweet to see how Elec gets under her defenses and wins her trust.Elec is just such a decent guy! He loves his family, loves racing, and loves Tamara. Yes, he's younger than her, but the age difference is Tamara doesn't come across as a cougar. Yes, everything falls into place waaay to easily. But you really want these guys to get their HEA, so everything works out.

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I'm not quite sure how this story turned out boring, but it did.DNF at 18%

Good easy quick read.

very good


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