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Alarm (2014)

Alarm (2014)

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Shay Savage, LLC

About book Alarm (2014)

3.5 StarsNot really sure how I feel about this one. On the one hand, I loved Aiden. How he looked like a huge tough bad ass guy, but was really all squishy inside. He was a bit broken, but when the first woman to interest him in three years comes along, he goes after her. My problem was more with Chloe. I didn't really like her. Couldn't understand what Aiden saw in her, especially since I knew what she was thinking about him. It wasn't until almost the end of the book that I finally saw some reason to like her. But that meant I spent a couple of hours not liking a character who questioned everything about a man she, on the spur of the moment, decided to spend a week with. To me, if she had questions, she should have pushed Aiden a bit harder instead of hiding inside her head and judging. A solid 4 stars. ..I enjoyed this one. Ms. SAVAGE wrote a tale of two broke people helping each other learn about life, love and death. Aiden and Chloe meet in a bar, she is extremely drunk and he stops her from getting behind the wheel. Chloe is an sheltered, good girl with an ATypical personality. Aiden is hot, mysterious and covered in tattoos from head to toe. From the moment they meet Chloe makes assumptions about Aiden because of his appearance. The chemistry is there from the beginning. You root for them throughout to become a couple. The story was amazing. You think you know what is happening but you are never right. MY only criticism would be the end seemed rushed and I would have loved to see them together more.

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This book wasn't as good as i'd hoped but I still enjoyed it :)

Meh, not my favorite from this author.

Loved it! :-)

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