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Alice In The Country Of Hearts, Vol. 3 (2012)

Alice in the Country of Hearts, Vol. 3 (2012)

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0316212687 (ISBN13: 9780316212687)
Yen Press

About book Alice In The Country Of Hearts, Vol. 3 (2012)

A great conclusion to the series. Although the ending feels a bit rushed and not much thought planned into it or they ran out of ideas. But it does open up doors to the other manga out there (and the full length feature that is still in Japanese but from what i've seen, is an excellent continuation of this manga.) and from what I've read, can be read in any order (as long as you read the Clover manga after Hearts). I really really loved this series a lot. The storyline was interesting, the art was fun to look at, the characters were really lovable. I enjoyed every moment of it. But, unfortunately, there is ONE thing I don't really care for, and it's Blood and Alice. I can understand where the attraction comes from from Blood...but really not from Alice. She's trying to tell them all to treat life more preciously yet... she falls for the head of the mafia? Right... I mean, don't get me wrong, he is sexy so I can see where an attraction would lie, but in terms of personality and what he stands for, she would be completely turned off. But of course, it had to be her happily ever after because in some way she got the guy she fell for in her world. Kind of lame.Vivaldi is still a babe. I'm definitely going to have to check out the other Alice though I'm not sure I'll like them as much because they're done by a different manga artist. But I'll give them a chance.

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I hope they continue the series, I've always loved a good Alice in Wonderland story.

I'm pleased with who she ended up with. I do intemd on reading the variations those.

Love it! I want more

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