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Alice Neel: The Art Of Not Sitting Pretty (2010)

Alice Neel: The Art of Not Sitting Pretty (2010)
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0312607482 (ISBN13: 9780312607487)
St. Martin's Press
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Alice Neel: The Art Of Not Sitting Pr...
Alice Neel: The Art Of Not Sitting Pretty (2010)

About book: This biography gets bogged down by the portraits of all the people in Neel’s life and feels like it focuses too little on her art (perhaps there is not that much to say about it?). I also wanted more social history, more art history, and there is certainly some of that, but maybe because Neel was so out of the mainstream, it’s hard to integrate more of that sort of thing. The book seems too rambling and repetitive for my tastes. Hoban's writing isn't that fluid or compelling, so this wasn't the most pleasant read. I read the book chiefly because I knew Neel had an extraordinary life for a woman artist in her day. Neel didn't find acclaim or financial stability until she was fairly old. Most interesting was how much Neel didn't care about what other people, including her own daughter, thought of her until later in life. She just lived to do her art and other matters, including family, were damned.
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Just bought this book and will begin reading soon. I am reading reviews of the read currently.
a channukah gift from, as we say in italian, "mi boo."
Old story...great painter...despicable person.
It seemed interesting but it was boring
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