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Alinora (2009)

Alinora (2009)

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Kara Lockley

About book Alinora (2009)

I'm not sure about this one yet. The writing is a bit odd....I'll update when I'm finished. I think it might take a bit to get through, though. :(Update: (sort of spoilers)I finished this tonight. And I have to say, I was not impressed. At all. It's not very often I read a book (in this case, short story) and say "Wow, that sucked". And I actually hate wanting to say that now. I think this could have had some really good potential but the author just didn't work it out. The writing was choppy and I never felt as if I "knew" any of the characters. It idea of it was fun. Lily, a work-a-holic single woman builds her dream house and finds out the land she built on is sacred ground. While she sleeps she's transported to "Alinora", which is basically heaven. She meets Caleb, they do it in her dream, fall in love, and "OMGHEISREAL!" blah blah blah. You can guess what happens, the story was too predictable and the ending just fell totally short of what I'd call a "good" ending. Excelent Sweet Short Story (50 pages). Lily, a house designer and Caleb, a wood furniture / pottery maker meet in a different time deminision when they fall a sleep and enter into their dreams. The deminision is called Alinora, a world where everything is peaceful and happy. They meet, make love, and fall in love as everyone wants their dreams to come true but back in reality when they awake, the strangest thing happens, Lily's pregnancy is not a dream.Lily feels like she is going crazy because she can't figure out how the pregnancy could be for real. She finds the answers in Alinora from a Seer named Sasha and she learns that Caleb lives in her earthly realm and in her area so Lily searches for him and their relationship starts over slowly in the real world. What brings it to a head is that Lily gives birth to their baby girl in Caleb's house.Such a wonderful Short Story, I wanted more.

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An interesting concept for sure, and a pretty good story too.

Cute, sweet and direct.

Awesome , loved it....


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