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All Is Bright: A Short Story (2000)

All Is Bright: A Short Story (2000)

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About book All Is Bright: A Short Story (2000)

I enjoyed this SHORT story, it gave me plenty of insight to realize I enjoy Sarah Pekkanen's writing.This is a short story. I read Love, Accidentally before I read this short story. This short story is from Elise's point of view. The two short stories can be read together. I liked reading this from Elise's point of view.Important to me, after reading this short story, I know I enjoy Ms. Pekkanen's writing style and will happily read other books of hers. This short story was too short and as such, removes the element of empathy for the character Elise. The story ended too abruptly and did not answer the questions relating to her actions in Love, Accidentally (the previous short story). The character needed further development for me to care about her emotional being and situation. For instance, what happened to her parents? Why is she so attached to Griffin's mother? What happened when she left the restaurant for a drink with Isle in the first book? These are areas the author could have improved the story. Overall, very fast read at 19 pages and could have used a bit more work tying things up at the end.

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A well written short story and a good introduction to Sarah Pekkanen.

Wow very short read, was just starting to get into it and it ended.

cute...but very short easy read. Only took 30 minutes

I wish this would have continued.

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