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All The Broken Pieces (2012)

All the Broken Pieces (2012)

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Entangled Teen

About book All The Broken Pieces (2012)

All The Broken Pieces was a good read for the weekend. No disturbances is seriously what you need to read this book – it was so captivating! I really hated it when I had to leave the story in the middle. When I finished it, I WAS STARING AT IT OPENMOUTHED.We have Olivia, a girl who just woke up find out that she lost her memories and her overprotective parents whisk her away to another place.Only Olivia doesn’t trust her parents. They don’t like to talk about her accident, her old friends or childhood. And she keeps having these intense dreams that feel so real. But they aren’t normal dreams – in her dreams, she’s two different girls, living two different lives! So she has memories of having a sweet little sister in one, a harsh mother in another.What distracts her from her torn feelings is Spencer, the guy who likes to be classify Liv as one of “them”. But as they get to know each other, they start to like hanging out. Soon, they’re making plans to find out the truth about Olivia and her parents.But the truth isn’t always as simple as it sounds. Sometimes you’d rather not know it. You know, I should have guessed from the cover but unfortunately I hadn’t noticed!! I didn’t expect such a dark touch to the novel, but it only made the book more interesting.This book has it’s cute, funny and sweet moments. By the end, you’ll find you’re heart wrenched for this girl with no memories of her own but two other girls’. I can not see how people have rated this five stars, when the plot is so awful and the dialogue is abysmal, but they all live happily ever after, so it's okay right?Wrong. After getting over the terrible third person format and the stupid thoughts, I had guessed roughly how the book would end 10% in. Liv - or whoever she actually is, was more obsessed with getting a boy to like her than finding out answers. She accepted everything her 'parents' spoon-fed her without really questioning it or looking into it. If you woke up from a coma with no memories of your past wouldn't you be a little more curious? I know I would. Hell, I'd probably take a bus back to my old town look up the local high schools and ask around. The end is so stupid I can't even comprehend it. It's so unrealistic and unbelievable. Overall it was crap.

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I've just started this and I love it already this is gonna be a five star

This was a really good book with an ending i wasnt expecting!

Touching and memorable.

loved it.

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