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Alpha Billionaire, Part III (2000)

Alpha Billionaire, Part III (2000)

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I get it, the trilogy is full of riddles and yes so many unanswered questions. But hey it's been written in the point of view of Evie, and as the story goes to an end we know that she'll been another victim of the Slate's an open ending...and I think that Evie became another Eugene, crazy and fool to be fooled by those men. The thing that mostly disappoints me though is that I thought Evie will overcome the evilness of Tyler and Grant because at the first two books there's the sign of her of fighting back and even planning on escaping, I thought she will be a heroine of herself. And another is that I thought Hailey was her best friend, why would she do that to Evie? What's behind it...I never thought that I can hate every single character in a story but well this book is the exception.The books are confusing as hell, I really wouldn't recommend it, I don't do reviews but for books regularly but I just want my frustrations to spill...I know that it's what the author wants...but the readers are NOT satisfied. * ARC PROVIDED BY THE AUTHOR FOR AN HONEST REVIEW * Alpha Billionaire Part III by Helen Cooper is the third installment of this sexy, mystery series.At the end of book two, Evie had hidden from her captors/lovers Tyler and Grant in the closet. She has found the shock of her life. In the closet is the presumed dead Eugenie. Needless to say, she no longer has to find out how Eugenie died, now she wants to know why everyone has told her she was dead. Unfortunately, Eugenie is no help, Evie has more questions than ever!"One is good and one is bad"Eugenie's words replay over and over in Evie's head. How does she know which is which. She clearly has an attraction to both men, yet, she found out that they lied to her and played games with her body and mind.The mystery only gets more intense when someone leaves a picture of her and her best friend Hailey in her room taken weeks prior to meeting the two men. They were watching her? This wasn't just a random, heat of the moment hook up?"Think carefully about who you choose, Evie"Evie knows her choice, she wants Tyler but is she making the right decision? He pushes her to take risks, which is something she desperately wants. He makes her body feel things she has never felt. Will his secrets keep her there or will she have to walk away from him forever?I gave Alpha Billionaire 4 stars. There are some very hot scenes, but the mystery kept me wanting more. The author got me hooked with the hot billionaire, but it kept me hooked for the mystery. I can’t wait to read more from Helen Cooper in the future.Written by Stephanie for Summer’s Book Blog.

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Well....the story was fine. But i still couldn't figure out the secret!

uhh..what happened???. is that the end??? seriously??

2.5 stars-weird story.


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