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Altri Regni (2011)

Altri regni (2011)

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This could have been a great story, my issue with it is the point of view in which Richard Matheson chose to tell it. The narrator was a bitter old horror author who spoke directly to the reader too much, and spoke to himself too much. Often when he addressed the reader he would often ask a question then say "Oh, you'll see" or when addressing himself; "I was about to find out". Highly irritating and I couldn't keep reading. A fantasy 'love' triangle, where the man in the middle is now an 82 year old horror novelist looking back to tell the 'true' story of him at 18: having been a complete idiot with no strength of mind of character, blundering alternately through the trenches of WWI, faerie paths in an enchanted wood, and the house of a witch, accepting blindly (ha!) whatever any of them told him at the time and now quite annoyingly amused by aligning alliterations ("double combo," as he says) and reminding you that he's an author of much more exaggerative genre fiction but that this is all true.Not bad to listen to while something else is going on; the descriptions of his family at the beginning were the most affecting.

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Completely falls apart when you reach Part 3, which is thankfully not very long.


2.5 stars


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