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Always & Forever: A Saga Of Slavery And Deliverance (The Plantation Series Book 1) (2014)

Always & Forever: A Saga of Slavery and Deliverance (The Plantation Series Book 1) (2014)

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gretchen craig

About book Always & Forever: A Saga Of Slavery And Deliverance (The Plantation Series Book 1) (2014)

Always & Forever: A Saga about Slavery and Deliverance is book one of the Plantation series by Gretchen Craig. It is a fantastic depiction of family life of the Tassin family from 1823-1840. The setting is the Toulouse Plantation on the bayous of Old Louisiana and New Orleans. Two girls grow up as close as sisters but with the bonds of mistress and slave fall in love with the same man. It is the story of secrets and betrayals. Things began to change the day Bibi and Cleo were sold to pay Papa’s gambling debts. Josie Tassin cried and tried to physically pull them out of the wagon. She begged for Maman and Grand-mere to help. At six, she did not understand why her nurse and playmate were in the wagon to be sold. Papa rode up just as the wagon was starting off; but he was unable to get them out of the wagon as they had already been sold. In a rage, he ran to Maman’s room and rummaged for her jewelry box. Unable to open it, he broke it open spilling jewels across the floor. He took the pearls he had given Maman on their wedding and left. Later, he returned with Bibi and Cleo. Josie was happy, her nurse and playmate were back. Maman was not happy. She grew quieter and meaner towards Bibi and Cleo. Papa, seeing the situation was getting worse, gave Cleo to Josie. He told her it was her responsibility now to always protect Cleo. Later when she was seven, this promise grew to include Thibault, Cleo’s little brother. Although life continued on the plantation, things were never the same.At nine, Josie was to receive lessons on deportment, playing the piano, dancing, and conversations as well as math and reading. As her best friend, Cleo sat in on all of these lessons as befitted a slave. After the lessons, Josie and Cleo would practice together. However, Josie never taught Cleo to read as that was against the law. Cleo, however, picked it up along with Josie. The girls remained as close as circumstances allowed. Will they remain close? What secrets are hidden on the plantation that could cause a rift between them? Will Josie be able to keep her promise to Papa and Cleo?

I really loved this historical novel. It was amazing how well the author was able to take me back into the deep south during the pre Civil War era. Her characters wove such an intricate story, that I felt like they were part of my own family! My hopes for Josie and Cleo broke my heart in this novel. It's hard not to find anger rising at the ways of the past, and I just wanted my little Josie to have a Happy Ever After. Although this book is a part of a series, each novel in the series can be considered a stand alone... so no cliffhangers. Great Book. Great Series

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I was quite impressed by this book. It is set in Louisiana in the 1800s when there were slaves, and I'm not one to enjoy reading books like that, but I liked Always and Forever. While I was reading I was afraid it was going to be like a Harlequinn romance novel, and that wasn't what I wanted to read, but it wasn't like that. . .thank goodness. Josephine (Josie) Tassin goes through so much that I can't imagine having to endure, but she survives the many trials and even ends up happy. I wasn't su

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