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Amaury's Hellion (2010)

Amaury's Hellion (2010)

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Tina Folsom

About book Amaury's Hellion (2010)

I majorly skimmed this one. It wasn't bad.A girl stalks a vampire to kill him because he seems to be connected to her brother's death. Her brother's notes show that he found out that the company he works for is full of vampires. However, the vampire catches her. For some reason, he cannot read her emotions even though he is cursed to read everyone's emotions. They share a kiss full of passion and discover their chemistry. However, she then runs off. He tries to find her, but is unsuccessful. He is half owner of a bodyguard company. Recently, there have two incidents where the bodyguards have killed the person they are supposed to be protecting and then shot themselves. The girl's brother was one of the bodyguards. The company realizes someone is sabotaging them. Then, the female lead and the female lead from book 1 get kidnapped. The men find the women, but there are bombs that are about to be set off. They find out that the female lead's brother is actually alive. He is now a vampire. The guy behind the whole thing used to be a friend of the owners of the bodyguard company. He had a human he loved. She was pregnant and had just got a miscarriage. He was away from her. The male lead's best friend (guy from book 1 that I have not read) was with her. He offered to make her a vampire, but she refused. The male lead and his best friend never told the husband about her decision to leave him because it would break him. When he finds out, he is disbelieving at first, but then breaks down. He then sets off the bomb to destroy the sanctuary he built to immortalize his wife (and kills himself in the process?). Before the female lead was kidnapped, the male lead ambiguously proposed to her and she unknowingly accepted. He then blood-mated her. That type of bond can only be broken by death. If a vampire blood-mates with a human, that person cannot drink from anyone else besides their blood-mate. This was a point of tension because when the guys were preparing to save the girls, they were getting thirsty and they couldn't get to the girls to drink from them. The female lead is mad that he blood-mated her,without her really knowing what was going on, but she forgives him and they spend op forever together because a human just has to drink the vampire's blood to keep that person's age. I would probably make this a 3 1/2 star book instead of 4. I bought this book as part of a collection- I believe I got books 1-4 in one. I'll have to admit that it was a decent purchase.I didn't really care for Nina. Not sure what it is with the author's female leads, but I haven't warmed up to either!Would I recommend the series? Only to those who like their paranormal romances with a lot of erotica. I wouldn't recommend to someone who wants a G-rated book.And since I've read books 1 & 2 in a row it's time to switch to something else.

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better than the first one, it was more interest characters to say the least.

Thoroughly enjoyed the 2nd Scanguards book. Can't wait to read the next one.

Loved it... Very intense. French guy.... Oooooo eeeeee

i am enjoying the series.

Nina and Amaury

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