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Ambicion (2011)

Ambicion (2011)

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0829757406 (ISBN13: 9780829757408)
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About book Ambicion (2011)

I've enjoyed most of Strobel's non-fiction books, but I've enjoyed them in spite of Strobel's writing and not because of it. So, I definitely had some reservations going into THE AMBITION. Surprisingly, though, Strobel seems better suited for writing novels. Here, he not only demonstrates some actual writing talent, but he also puts his legal and journalistic background to good use (Unlike his non-fiction work, in which he constantly brags about his credentials but fails to live up to even the most rudimentary journalistic or legal standards). The only real problem with THE AMBITION is that it's marketed as a thriller, when, in fact, it's really a church drama about a pastor who's trying to decide whether or not to go into politics. There are some thriller elements, of course, but the majority of this book is an exploration of the church's relevance in modern society. In other words, this is a book that will appeal almost exclusively to Christians. Still, taken for what it is, THE AMBITION is a pleasant surprise. Strobel provides just enough tension to keep things interesting, even if he does get rather preachy from time to time. Not great, but one of the better Christian novels I've come across recently. A drama/thriller novel written by a megachurch pastor! Its a "good read" in the sense that its easy to read, has a strong moving plot, and weird, weird, weird---it has Christian characters who act with integrity! It will throw you for a loop. I found myself caught between cynicism and gratitude for that. It was certainly a fresh narrative in the context of my readings. You could say they are stock characters--the mob villains especially--but it made for some good late-night reading.

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