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Ambrosia (2013)

Ambrosia (2013)

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Erin Noelle

About book Ambrosia (2013)

I had a mini heart attack when Mason said things had changed when he met Bentley. I thought he was going to revenge Scarlett by spent the weekends with her and told her to leave him because he was with Bentley. I was wrong. It was the other way around.At first, I still think that Scarlett chose Mason because he loved her. Though, along the story I felt that she truly loved him. I appreciated the multiple POVs. I like that Scarlett didn't shy away from Bentley but stood up and made sure she knew Mason was hers. I was so proud of her. Unfortunately, I had to take that back later. She should have known better to listen to Bentley, but then again things had already been fragile and she had become insecure; with amount of alcohol, she was on the edge. Hearing Mason at the exact moment was like a confirmation. She still had a habit of running away when things got messy. She should have listen to Mason's explanation. It was like the time she didn't listen to Ash. If she did, they might be together by now. When she set her mind in something, usually a misunderstanding, she never listened to anyone else. From her point of view, it was true that what she saw said enough. That was one of her flaws.I was so sure when I read the first book that I rooted for Ash. But some how after reading this book, I've changed to root for Mase. Ash was...a bit boring. Sorry, Ash.I knew something bad happened when Cruz called. I thought he died of OD. My jaw dropping the whole time I read Mason's POV. Thank goodness, he was in the ICU. I won't forgive if the author killed him. I am finished with the whole 'boxed set' of the "Book Boyfriend Series" and will use this review for all of them - as they go from one to the other rather seamlessly. Also, I read them in a marathon, one right after the other!Other than too much carnal description, this series focuses on a young woman, barely 18, and her life beginning as a freshman in college. She has broken away from her extremely controlling parents and is like a fish out of water with her new found freedom. Despite her errors in judgment, she grows and learns and becomes an incredible young woman.There is much angst and love and hurt and loss in this series. Despite all of that, there is hope and humor and strength. I cannot say much without giving up too many clues to the story, but I can say that I am very glad I read this series. I do suggest you keep tissues nearby, if you have a tender heart.This was book 2

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What's not to love about this book?? Story line is great, characters are great!! Read it already!

Fantastic!! Prepare for love triangle but a great read

Que jodida está esta mina e.e

3.5 stars

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